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Welcome to the new website for the guild Cataclysmically Epic! Are you a member? If so, you can probably skip this part and go on with your business as usual. Not a member? Then here are some things you may want to know about us!



 Here at Cataclysmically Epic, we consider ourselves a guild which has chosen to focus on the Player Vs. Player (PvP) and raiding parts of the game that is World of Warcraft. In addition to that specialization, we also assist with the leveling of lower levels to 85 and the gearing of members with insufficient gear to enter a raid with the rest of us. Outsiders and those without gear are generally put at the bottom of the list for raids and other scheduled events and are only asked to come if we are unable to find someone else.



 Here at Cataclysmically Epic, we tend to try to enforce our rules with an iron fist! We have learned that there are two types of people in the world (of warcraft), the more common type being the ass holes who will abuse everyone in sight and steal off of them like a leech, and then the rarer type: The ones who are actually civilized and try to contribute to the greater picture. Unfortunately, that larger demographic of 'ass holes' forces us to try to use as extreme rules and regulations as possible while still making it easier for that smaller, more civilized demographic to have fun and flourish. So, here are our rules:


  1. No Spamming! Whether this be in guild chat, Trade Chat, General, during a dungeon, a raid, a bg, ANYWHERE. Spamming makes both you and us look like noobs and is both uncalled for and a complete waste of time for everyone.

  1. No Nanjing!!! The guild bank is there for everyone, the items are donated by members intentionally for other members to use to help them succeed in the game. They are not, however, put there for some random ass hole to come along, take all they can over as long a period of time they can and then run like hell to go vendor the items they took or put them on the AH for a few pieces of gold. This also stands true for the money: If you have access to it for repairs, then that is fine. But if you have money for your own repairs just use your own money, let those who are low on money and are contributing to the guild use the money in there for repairs, chances are they're the ones who put it in anyways.
  2. Remain Civil! One would think I wouldn't have to tell a group of people how to behave but apparently I do... No racism, no "praise my god(s), for they are the only true god(s) and if you do not convert now you will spend the rest of eternity in pain and agony!", keep comments civil, no need to say "Fuck you" in the guild chat or really at all, no need to start a cat fight with a fellow member, no need to create guild drama, do you get where I'm going yet? There are, of course, loopholes to this rule. Such as... "What the hell man!? I thought it use to be up for 10K gold now it's 20K gold" and stuff like that. So long as the offensive (and generally considered inappropriate) language is not directed at a member, all is well.   (Side note from TexarLothar: If you see me doing it then.... IDK, remind me of the rules lol... Unless it's at someone being kicked out anyways, then you can join in :D)
  3. No Rank Abuse! Whether it be demoting everyone in sight 'because you can' or changing everyone's notes 'because you can'... Needless to say, "Because I can" is not an acceptable response. Childish bull shit like this will NOT be tolerated.

     ----There are, of course, several other things which you SHOULD know that we do not feel we must make an official, spoken rule about...


 Interested in joining us or want to know a bit more about us but can’t find what you're looking for on our website? Then log online to the Horde on the Realm Lothar of World of Warcraft and send a message to Texar, Moonseker, Gignar, Dethdestroyr, or Blodscatorer and they'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


 We are currently seeking the following for level 85 Raid content:


  -4 DPS, 3 Melee, 1 ranged possibly more.

  -2 Tanks, Preferably with some experience with Raiding

  -3-5 Healers, Preferably with some experience with Raid Healing


Note: We already have members with these abilities present and have enough to do raids as is but would like extras for when members are not available and when a member leaves or if we a member is already doing one role and cannot do the one we are seeking. No comment on their experience, gear, and abilities and these changes every day.

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Guild Gets Website, World Fears of Invasion From Another Dimension

TexarLother, Jan 8, 11 11:47 AM.
 In recent news, a 'guild' from some place known as the World of Warcraft has recently created a guild website with all kinds of information about them posted on it. The worlds top scientists and researchers have been called forth to investigate these bizzare claims and have verified that there are, indeed, people from another world roaming the internet. It is currently unknown what their true intentions are, but one members was quoted of have said "This is epic man, now we can organize raids a bit better!". Our anaylisists have come to the conclusion that by 'raid' they must only mean that are going to invade our world. With that said, the government is prepared to initiate martial law and citizens are panicing out of fear of this possible invasion from another dimension. On the internet, there has been several mentions of a world called Azeroth, which we can only assume is their home world, and the recent illness which has struck 12 million people world wide is believed to be related to this impending invasion. There will be more on this topic after we finish figuring out what this latest event posted on their website means: "Cataclysmically Epic (Achievement) is leet! Can't wait to see us in action Tex!".


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

TexarLother, Jan 8, 11 10:41 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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